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No matter how complex your Workload Automation environment is, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver sustainable results.  Whether you’re looking to get help on an upgrade or need assistance with managing your environment, RMT offers full Workload Automation services. 

Robert Mark Technologies has performed over 400+ Workload Automation upgrades since 2001 and our upgrade methodology has been utilized by some of the largest Workload Automation shops in the world. We upgraded them and we can successfully upgrade you’re Workload Automation solution.

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Streamline your technical support by collaborating with us to help prevent downtime and resolve issues. Simply put: going beyond basic support can get you back to work more quickly.

Our Run and Operate program allows our clients with smaller footprints to receive the support and maintenance they need to provide the necessary automation service to the business at a level they demand. RMT offers support for the following:

-Scheduling activities
-Administration support
-Monitoring of job appends/failures

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To convert off of your current Workload Automation product, you need a partner --- One who brings years of experience and innovation to the project. A partner who understands the pitfalls of conversions and has deep knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities. With expertise in all the Workload Automation solutions, RMT is that partner.

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RMT’s assessment services enable our clients to achieve maximum ROI on their Workload Automation investment. With 20+ years of experience and over 670 engagements, we know what works and what doesn’t. Why partake in this journey alone? Our assessments have helped many of our clients:

-Leverage new features and functionality
-Deploy Self Service
-Rollout of Workload Automation add-ons
-Utilize a DevOps approach to Workload Automation

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Traditional batch scheduling has long been a foregone conclusion. Integration with applications like Hadoop, Informatica and other Business Intelligence products are the next evolution of Workload Automation.

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Pay me back. ASAP.

Workload Automation solutions are purchased to automate the everyday manual tasks done by staff. The faster you deploy the solution, the quicker you realize the cost savings. Some organizations “hurry up” approach may leave key functionality overlooked. RMT specializes in rapid delivery of your Workload Automation solution while ensuring all potential capabilities are leveraged to achieve maximum ROI on your solution. We have vast experience with the following Workload Automation Solutions:

CA Technologies
Control M (Mainframe and Distributed)
Workload Automation AE (AutoSys Engine), DE (dSeries Engine), EE (Esp Engine), 7 Edition (CA7)

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