ASG Technologies

Robert Mark Technologies (RMT) is a Value-Add Reseller and Services Partner of ASG for their Automation Software. Our sales resources and professional services consultants offer a full spectrum of capabilities required to manage the lifecycle of the sale of ASG Software.

ASG Applications Management products significantly increase the ROI from your applications with multiple improvements, including increased developer productivity throughout the software life cycle.

Each Application Management module provides affordable, pragmatic options for ensuring that your business' application investments continue to return value. Innovative integration between tools facilitates greater efficiencies for modernization, testing and problem resolution.



  • Optimizes your workload through real-time, logical, and physical resource control to automatically check condition codes at every step and to react in real time
  • Creates schedules, performs backups, and maintains calendars without interrupting service
  • Manages enterprise-wide scheduling
  • Presents all schedule information for every supported platform on a single screen and highlights all exceptions (abends, late jobs, etc.)
  • Supports concurrent schedules within the same job names (versioning)
  • Schedules and manages from one location to an infinite number of systems, across operating systems worldwide or just across the room
  • Provides perpetual calendars that allow you to define dates as far into the future as needed


  • Schedules and submits events at machine speed
  • Responds automatically to messages and continuously monitors every aspect of job schedules
  • Reduces human error by operating with minimal user intervention
  • Improves system efficiency and throughput by checking physical and logical resources before job dispatching
  • Checks step-level condition code through the use of the IBM SMF facility and allows job cancellation based on condition codes
  • Presents schedule information on a single screen and highlights exceptions automatically using the Schedule View feature
  • Features import/export facilities to ease migration across ASG-Zeke for z/OS implementations or to move from test to production environments



Cross-Platform Scheduling and Workload Automation

ASG-Zena is a robust, enterprise-wide workload management solution for distributed operations environments that support “event-based” scheduling as well as traditional time and date-based scheduling methodologies.

ASG-Zena provides non-invasive integration of legacy applications, ERP, and newer, “message aware” environments such as .NET and J2EE that offer advanced IT process automation. From a single console, users can manage workloads and several scheduling points across multiple platforms, including Windows , as well as multiple UNIX and Linux operating environments and on the AS/400. ASG-Zena improves efficiency and reduces costs. It also offers exception-based management, a highly scalable component-based architecture, fault tolerance, role-based security, and graphical drag-and-drop workload definition.


    • Enables event-based scheduling along with time and date-based methodologies
    • Provides integration of legacy applications, ERP, .NET, J2EE, and others
    • Automates and integrates advanced IT processes across diverse applications, including those from SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Siebel
    • Features exception-based management, a highly scalable architecture, fault tolerance, role-based security, and graphical drag-and-drop workload definition
    • Manages multiple scheduling points from diverse platforms through a single console
    • Supports Multiple Platforms, including Windows


    • Facilitates end-to-end, integrated workload management across multiple operating environments
    • Offers unmatched scalability and integration capabilities to execute hundreds of thousands of workloads
    • Provides VMWare interfaces for automated provisioning and management
    • Extends centralized management to business application environments such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle
    • Enables script-less integration and automation across multiple environments such as J2EE, .NET, Websphere, and Web services
    • Offers a centralized console to manage multiple server environments
    • Provides exception management with extensive alert and proactive component monitoring and notification capabilities
    • Enhances flexibility with customizable views and reporting while automating corrective actions
    • IT process automation capabilities enabled through extensive integration facilities and a robust graphical interface